Barcamp Berlin Tag 1 … Yahoo! Pipes session

OK then, I’m in for two more sessions, starting with Yahoo Pipes – Mashup Your Life and then at 6pm Drupal – Introduction & Concepts.

Yahoo! Pipes is a neat way for fast prototyping, and to pull together little applications, filters and stuff. One example is my little pipe “ frogpond RSS feed“, that cleans up the original RSS feed of this site, i.e. that excludes the links from the feed, and provides only my generic posts. I needed this for my BMID-sidebar, where I wanted to include the last ten frogpond-posts but had no need for these “standard for the day” posts. With pipes I managed to build this little helper in practically no time …

Some good information on pipes is here “Learn How to Build a Pipe in Just a Few Minutes“, and have a look at my pipes posts on the BMID-blog.

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  1. […] Last session for today, now after the Yahoo! Pipes session […]

  2. Cedric Weber says:

    I hate it when people intermingle their daily feeds and their regular blogpostings.

    *g*, thanks for the new feed.

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