Barcamp Berlin Tag 1 … Drupal session

Last session for today, now after the Yahoo! Pipes session

  • Some big websites are running on Drupal, like the website of Britney Spears. This seems to be a system geared for intensive use …
  • The Drupal community is big, plus there’s a big business ecosystem (developers, consulting, hosting, …) by now.
  • One of the advantages: high security, (data base) security layers, and interfaces
  • Scaleability, from shared hosting to multiple server settings

Some more introductory information (in german) on Drupal: Einführung in Drupal with related links.

2 Responses to “Barcamp Berlin Tag 1 … Drupal session”

  1. drupaler says:

    sounds really good. i wish i hadn’t missed it. are there any screencasts or podcasts?

  2. Martin Koser says:

    @drupaler I don’t know but I guess that looking up the tags #bcb2 and #drupal at Technorati might give you some results

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