Barcamp Berlin Tag 1

Not much time to write anything, the WLan started off really shaky and I spent hours getting online in the first place.

I started off with Oliver Gassners session on Getting things done (links and writeup may follow), then a lifehacks session (dubbed procrastination, where I will provide links etc. as soon as I get to it – oh the irony …).

Now in the lunch session I am refining my slides for the session me and Frank will have tomorrow afternoon … and then it’s off for a session on OpenSocial (I think that we can understand this quite good from a Google business model innovation perspective). I better be on time – this will be a room packed with people.

2 Responses to “Barcamp Berlin Tag 1”

  1. Jan Oberst says:

    What are you gonna be talking about tomorrow?

  2. Martin Koser says:

    There will be two sessions on Enterprise 2.0 and Social Network usage in the enterprise. Björn Negelmann is planning one, and me and Frank are doing the other.

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