Andrew McAfee: What is Enterprise 2.0?

Courtesy of the MIX youtube mixAndrew is expanding upon a ‘loose’ and a ‘tighter’ definition of Enterprise 2.0 – I am with him when he’s pleading for a more community-agreed upon understanding of the topic and agree that this can add strength and legitimity to the field. So great to see he’s one of the Mavericks now, chipping away at the iron cages of organizations …

Tacit knowledge exchanged

[…] explores how knowledge is distributed and dispersed throughout an organization, and asks: “How do we capture it, and make it available to others?”

A blog is a wonderful place to exchange and document, to note and to put forward, to link and to organize. Right?  It’s not a repository, it’s a creation space. That’s why linking to John Hagel of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge and the various videos collected at the HBR site is just closing the circle …

Lotus JamCamp – Videos

Sehr schön, die Videos zur Lotus JamCamp Bustour und dem Camp selbst:  

… und nicht vergessen auch die Teile 2 und 1 (erster Tag) anzusehen, das TV Noir Team hat gute Arbeit geleistet.

Thorsten hat hier die (deep) Links aus dem Video gesammelt:

Projekt “FutureChallanges” der Bertelsmann Stiftung
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
PopAkademie Baden-Württemberg
Xing-Lounge (Veranstalter Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer)

SOS VideoClass N°2 – social web in the workplace

This one’s especially for Xavier, Gonzalo and Ton – who will be able to follow Luc no doubt. The rest of us must do with the english transcript at his site, including “it is time to stop overprotecting people. It is time to take both feet off the [brakes]. It is time to see social media no longer as a threat but as an opportunity.”

Oh, and check out how he sees and interprets the modern workplace …

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Discussing the business value of Enterprise 2.0

I am so looking forward to the Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Conference tonight – promises a lot of value not only to the “believers” but also to the (business) people still evaluating.

Listen to Oliver Marks and Sameer Patel talking about their plans for their keynote – and send in your questions.

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