LeWeb pre-event blogger’s tour

I uploaded some pictures taken at yesterday’s blogger pre-event tour to Flickr – as you can imagine the place was brimming with activity, handymen preparing audio/video, cables of all sorts and gazillions of nespresso machines. And it’s an engineers dream too, with 1GBit network connectivity by Meraki, big cables everywhere and large screens wherever you look.

Moreover we got a sneak tour of the speakers lounge area – so hard to get in there normally – with comfortable seating:

Cross-blogging LeWeb …

… today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow from Paris and LeWeb. For sure I am blogging, then some buzzing maybe, (less) tweeting cause everybody is doing it, maybe even some waving et al. before they pull the plug.

And it’s curated both here and at my other home on the web. And some other places as time permits, yes.  So get your platform ticket (found on Stowe’s platform, err, blog, via upload.wikimedia.org):

Staying connected and building relationships from afar

In this week’s episode of Work Smart, IBMer Rich Edwards asks about the best practices for staying connected and building relationships from afar. I share some advice based on my own work-at-home experience, and then I ask author of Telecommuting Success Michael Dziak for his.

Gina Trapani on telecommuting and staying in touch – I can relate, yes. Meeting in person is adding substance, way beyond warm, fuzzy feelings (remember office wars) hence the successes of coworking, meeting on weekends for geek talk (and there’s some well deserved criticism of the approach, high time to re-engage and re-design), taking great lenghts for attending conferences in (marvellous) places far away, … we’re social animals, that’s what we are.

ps. check out the creepy telepresence robot in the video, this is a joke, no?

#e20summit – Crowdsourcing Ideas for the Open Space Workshop

I think this is a good way to enable and facilitate discussions on the topics people bring to the conference – calling in proposed topics for the Open Space Workshop on October 28. While the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT agenda rocks and listening to thought leadership is cool, proposing one’s own pressing questions, ideas and “pondered approaches” is very attractive. Add to this the feedback you get when the people vote on your idea, brilliant or not.

A public voting process can help in finetuning the crowdsourced collective intelligence gathered, ie. when everybody can vote for the most interesting topics the ideas with the most demand will bubble up.

ps. Björn blogs that the five most-voted topics will be discussed at the conference and the applicants get free admission as an extra reward. That should get you going, huh 😉

Upcoming: LeWeb 2010, December 8. / 9.


Announcing this early and in time makes sense – I am again going to LeWeb as an official blogger. Thanks to those that put up my name on the list Steph chose from – I definitely appreciate that 😉

This will be my third time in a row, first time in the new venue, Les Docks in St. Denis. Topic this year will be platforms, if you’re going to attend, let me know. It’s in a way same procedure as every year:

“It’s about meeting and talking to people face-to-face after all”

ps. this year I will be covering the conference in German – the LeWeb team are trying to get more international grip and attention, that’s fine with me and it’s German from now on. I may add english summaries to the posts – very much like Steph does all the time – so you, the English-speaking audience of this blog mustn’t unsubscribe right now. All my blogs are kind of eng-ger-language hybrids, it’s just the way I am doing knowledge work all of the time and it feels very natural to me.

Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT – Ambassadorprogramm

OK, die letzte Ankündigung für heute – dafür aber auch ein Pflichttermin: Am 27. und 28. Oktober ist in Frankfurt der Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2010 – wer als Berater, Blogger, Wissenschaftler oder insbesondere als Praktiker am Thema Interesse hat tut gut daran sich die beiden Tage freizuhalten und nach Frankfurt zu kommen. Auf das Programm und die Agenda gehe ich ein anderes Mal ein – heute nur der Hinweis auf das Ambassadorprogramm. Bewerbung dort via Formular. Die Spielregeln sind übersichtlich, es geht im wesentlichen um Kommunikation und Beteiligung am Diskurs vor und während der Konferenz, im Gegenzug erhält man Zugang zum Event.

As a successfull selected E2.0 SUMMIT Ambassador you will be given the chance of communicating and presenting exclusive content of the E2.0 SUMMIT to the community and to the larger public. In return you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • High affinity for discussions around new forms of communications and collaboration within the enterprise
  • Motivation to communicate and represent the E2.0 SUMMIT, its mission and idea to the E2.0 community and larger public
  • Not a staff member of a vendor or integration company in the field of Enterprise 2.0