Upcoming: LeWeb 2010, December 8. / 9.


Announcing this early and in time makes sense – I am again going to LeWeb as an official blogger. Thanks to those that put up my name on the list Steph chose from – I definitely appreciate that 😉

This will be my third time in a row, first time in the new venue, Les Docks in St. Denis. Topic this year will be platforms, if you’re going to attend, let me know. It’s in a way same procedure as every year:

“It’s about meeting and talking to people face-to-face after all”

ps. this year I will be covering the conference in German – the LeWeb team are trying to get more international grip and attention, that’s fine with me and it’s German from now on. I may add english summaries to the posts – very much like Steph does all the time – so you, the English-speaking audience of this blog mustn’t unsubscribe right now. All my blogs are kind of eng-ger-language hybrids, it’s just the way I am doing knowledge work all of the time and it feels very natural to me.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been invited too as a blogger but wonder if it is too technical for me.. I’m focussing on communities of practice, social media and learning in organisations..

    • Martin Koser says:

      Hi Joitske, that’s cool – really looking forward to meeting you there. And no, don’t worry about it being too geeky or technical, in my eyes LeWeb is a place for people to discuss and ponder innovative ideas roundabout web topics. Community management (and changing human behaviors to say it more widely) is a theme too (in 2008 the topic was _Love_, last year it was the _realtime web_), so I am sure you will find both input from the speakers and worthwhile conversations during the socializing events …

      It’s probably a good idea to check out the blog posts and summaries from past LeWebs, you may even start by checking out my past entries via the tag – http://www.frogpond.de/tag/leweb/ – I have added links to other places as well.

      Take care and CU

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