New blog design – what do you think?

I decided to give this blog a new design – this is a prototype and I am still optimizing , but the basic idea is like this:

Modern look, two sidebar columns where both pointers to conversations and syndicated content go, and a header & footer area where admin stuff and additional links (blogrolls!) go.

Overall it’s based on Anton Schevchuk’s constructor theme set, that allows for a lot of customizing and tweaking.

The technology underneath is basically the same as before, the only thing I added was the Google Buzz wordpress plugin that provides the nifty buzz widget in the middle column. That said, it’s placed there, ie. in the “conversation sidebar” for a reason: I find that I engage a lot more in dicusssions on buzz – much more than on Twitter – so this is a place I find worthy mentioning and linking to.

What do you think of the new design?

8 Responses to “New blog design – what do you think?”

  1. Jack Vinson says:

    The look is nice and clean. The content column should be wider, in my opinion – from Firefox is looks like ~half the width is taken over by sidebars. And the links in the sidebars don’t have obvious hyperlinks (until you mouseover). Looks like a lot of text – particularly the parts in German that I can’t read. 🙂

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Jack – thanks a lot for your feedback. I will give it a try to widen up the layout, right now I try to cater for the unhappy folks without a widescreen, ie. I stay at 1000px 😉

    And yes, I should write more imn English, but be assured that most of the things in German are of local relevance only, feel free to apply a robust filter.

    That said it’s a good idea to translate at least some of the meatier posts into English too.


  3. Barthox says:

    Same as Jack … nice, clean, but a bit overwehlming in the information that is proposed …

  4. Martin Koser says:


    very good point – now I have cut down on the number of items presented and I might even install a simpler single-post view (but I need to find out about this a little bit …).

    Indeed I wanted to keep it simple and clean (really ..) – and I might even reduce it back to one sidebar. Who needs all this syndicated tumblr/delicious/other blog links after all 😉

  5. Megan Murray says:

    I like it. Nice and clean & not too densely packed. Looks great on my 10″ ThinkPad screen (in FFX). Thanks for the pointer to the Buzz WP plugin. Hadn’t thought to add that to my blog. 🙂

    • Martin Koser says:

      Thanks Megan for the kind feedback, I hope that now I have narrowed down the design to something that makes sense and looks decent.

      PS. you’re speaking German OR you’re very polite. Both reasons rock 😀

  6. Matthias says:

    Das Logo muss oben links stehen, als erster Blickfänger für das Auge. Unser Auge sucht intuitiv erst links nach einem visuellen Anker und nicht ganz rechts außen. Ansonsten würde ich nur noch die Spaltenbreite verschieben. Das Textfeld ist etwas zu breit in der Relation zur Sidebar.

  7. Martin Koser says:

    Matthias, mit dem Logo hast du natürlich recht – aber diesen kleinen Ungehorsam leiste ich mir mit dem Design. Die Rechtsbündigkeit leitet so auch schlüssig zur Sidebar, die ich jetzt – dank dir – ein bissele verbreitert habe.

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