Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Conference (notes and agenda)

It’s about to start underway now, the Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Conference, live – and I need a place to tweak, extend and comment on. While this could be Google Wave, like at the last e2conf in San Francisco, a nice little blog post might do the trick for the moment as well.

So what’s on the slate? First it’s the opening keynote with Morten T. Hansen, Author of Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results.

Then at 6pm my time it’s Oliver Marks & Sameer Patel discussing “Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise 2.0” – see their video here

[…] the stages from inception to completion that form the gateways to successful justification, budget allocation and roll out. The session will provide guidance on how to plan, internally sell, design, develop and launch Enterprise 2.0 initiatives that will provide tangible business value to your organization.

7pm my time it’s Building an Interactive Enterprise with Louis Richardson, IBM:

[…] he reviews what IBM is doing to challenge people to think differently and do business differently. Learn how to create an interactive office environment with enterprise 2.0 capabilities that can bring people and content together quickly, integrate them into existing business processes, support high performance teaming, and drive faster decision making across the value chain of your organization.

Hey, did I notice I’ve been to Lotusphere? Nice to have a recap anyway 😉

9 pm my time it’s Social Software Tools: A Critical Evaluation with Tony Byrne:

[…] To date, technology analysts have quite properly focused on the social and business aspects of social software. And yet, social software tools (including collaboration suites, pure-play blog / wiki / social-networking products, and revamped portal products from major vendors) differ quite substantially in maturity, approach, and support. This session will share customer research from noted evaluation firm CMS Watch on leading social software technologies, and provide a framework for customers to evaluate the marketplace based on their own needs.

10 pm it’s the Microsoft Keynote with consecutive Q&A Session

11 pm The Evolution of with Megan Murray :

In this session, learn how Booz Allen’s platform is evolving. From the tools leveraged to their approach to policy, governance, and user support, Hello, like many Enterprise 2.0 implementations, is changing as it is integrated into the fabric of the organization.

For the moment I think I will follow the tweet stream, favourite some of the better ones (they will get syndicated into my tumblr lifestream here) and make some scribbled notes on plain paper …

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