Lotussphere 2010: Curing information overload

Now, I’ve written something like “I really need to clone myself – there are way too many good sessions at Lotusphere 2010.” Good to have some bloggers on site with their continuing live-coverage and analysis, huh?

So let’s collect some of the relevant posts of the first two days – avoiding the pretty obvious ones for now (Ed Brill, Luis Suarez and his Twitter conferencing persona, Luis Benitez, Alan Lepofsky, the Lotusphere blog itself and it’s liveblogging incarnation, PlanetLotus – an aggregator of many Lotus related blogs, ReadWriteWeb Enterprise‘s Alex Williams, and more). Did I promise a cure for information overload? Nah, that catchy title only got chosen to attract you, there’s no such thing

OK then, here we go, check out

Curious Mitch, liveblogging eg. on LotusLive and SaaS things
LotusGeek, with extensive coverage
Chris Miller does Notes
[and more, this list will probably grow over time]

Und natürlich gibt es auch einige viele deutsche deutschsprachige Lotusphere posts:

– zum einen von Stefan, der wie ich nicht untätig ist (Collaboration in the cloud, Lotusphere Bericht u.a. zu Project Concord und den Web Clipping Services),
– von Peter Schütt (Lotusphere 2010 Opening Keynote: Lotus Knows – die Collaboration Agenda der Zukunft),
– dem Tech-Team von TwentyOne
– und natürlich von Volker Weber (u.a. die gesammelten Heise et al. Artikel),

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