Is it a New Lotus?

A new Lotus has begun to emerge…

A Lotus that:

  • is assured of its place in the market, ready to compete head on with all the social/collaboration/appdev vendors, not just Microsoft
  • is confident of its future, within the market, within IBM and under the new leadership of Alistair Rennie
  • embraces and holds dear the rich history of Notes and Domino, and is definitive about its place in the brave new world of integrated always-on real-time social collaboration
  • realises that Google Wave is a game-changer, and is ready to step up and face it head-on
  • is becoming a greater influence on IBM as a whole, both through the industry focus on social collaboration in 2010 and beyond, and because of the continued stature of the previous 5 Lotus GMs
  • continues to learn the significance of social media (blogs, Twitter and much more)
  • fully recognises the importance of the Lotus community and the special (perhaps unique) relationship that Lotus software has with its user and partner base
  • that now has one defined vision for all its products to work towards over the next few years – none of the other vendors has anything close right now.

Stuart refines some of his #ls10 impressions into a list – I have like 93% agreement with it, but would add a seen (& heard) “IBM is commited to open standards (at least when it’s useful)”.

Perhaps trading it in against the “rich history” makes sense? After all this is not a thing one should rest upon, sometimes it can be limiting … better learn from it, as to not be bound to repeat it …

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