Upcoming part 2: Change Management, collaboration software suites and thinking about innovation

A small overview of the next things I am up to, but first a short retrospective on last weekend when I participated in the RTVC, a premiere virtual workshop on Change Management (methods, tools, whatever, overall ideas). Results are getting collected, systematized and refined by the team at the Change Management Toolbook (namely Holger Nauheimer, who was instrumental in coming up with this experiment). So far I have filled three wiki pages with notes (and transcriptions of the chats I participated in), will try to filter out the nuggets soon.

Tomorrow and the day after I will be in Düsseldorf for the 2009 DNUG (german Notes user association) conference – this time the topic is „The Innovative Enterprise – Generating Value in a Smarter World“ (yes, we’re talking about a smarter planet here, too). Two disclaimers: I got invited by IBM to this event, and IBM is a customer of mine – anyway all tweets and blog posts are still my own opinions and all, you know the deal.

Well, I guess that the Web 2.0 (heck, Enterprise 2.0) will permeate all keynotes, workshops and even the networking (geek) talk. Definitely looking forward to this, especially to see and hear more about the more general vision “smarter working”, but also what Kevin Cavanaugh, long time IBM manager will say about composite applications (mashing up mashups?), what’s the business with Linux desktops, Lotus collaboration approaches, cloud computing vs. on premise, integration et al.

Some other highlights of the program on Tuesday (some of them on conflicting time slots, alas):

On Wednesday it’s a day of workshops for me (well, sometimes you have to integrate with Sharepoint), preceeded by keynotes:

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