Upcoming, part 1: European Creativity Dialogue @ Stuttgart


Today it’s a day of conferencing, I’m going to the European Creativity Dialogue event, which is part of the “Kreativraum” week in Stuttgart. Looks pretty promising, especially as the afternoon is planned to be a much more open and interactive style thing than practiced normally at regular conferences: The organizers plan for an integrated afternoon break out session, to foster the dialogue with and among the participants:

The afternoon session therefore starts off with short statements by selected speakers as an introduction to the intensive workshops on the issues of start-up support, IPR and linking the Creative Industries with the wider economy. The World Café method (see:www.theworldcafe.com) used for these workshops gives the participants the opportunity to go through several 20-minute-long thematic sessions of their choice, network with other participants and bring in their own experiences – all along the overall topic “Towards new growth models for the Creative Industries? Visions, Strategies, Actions”

I think this is a great idea, and am looking forward to discuss issues like

– What are the impacts and challenges of current Intellectual Property laws on new digital business models?
– IP challenges in production and commercialisation of software and games – how to make real money with virtual goods?
– Open Source Software – a non-profit charity or serious business? Who benefits?

and especially

– Which tools from the creative sphere could foster innovation in other industries?
– How can the dialogue between the Creative Sector and other industries be fostered?

Got some ideas, and some ideas about relevant principles, methods and tools – it would be great if I could float some of them in a relaxed athmosphere and get some feedback.


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