Enterprise 2.0 forum – part 3

On to the last two cases at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum, starting with Christian Kuhna from Adidas (see my post on the pre-conference interview with him here: Enterprise 2.0 at Adidas – pre-conference interview).

Mr. Kuhna showed the features and parts of the planned intranet 2.0 platform for Adidas (the overall planning phase took about 6 months. It shows). I like it, they’re getting many things right, starting on the individual level, i.e. with the employee in mind going from there to group collaboration and on.

Question from the audience what will happen to the legacy systems once the newly designed integrated system is in place. Short answer – these will be “consolidated”. Some other questions had to stay unanswered, well NDAs are everywhere I guess.

Now and last on the agenda is Arne Schümann of Festo Didactic, some kind of inhouse weirdo organization (hey, this is tongue in cheek) – well, rather an organizational division that’s more free to think freely ;~)

Some noted points:

  • Festo is thinking and living knowledge management since long, hence this company has got an easy head-start
  • Start with as little features as possible
  • E 2.0 is about people, people, people
  • make it feasible to achieve quick wins (like when motivating people to participate, he’s seeing visibility as a treat, I am not that sure about this point, whatever)
  • start with real-life meeting to bond any project team, building up trust
  • groups and CoP are emerging now freely and without official triggering
  • Festo now gets asked by industry peers how they proceeded and succeded, i.e. customers et al. are interested and a new business may emerge that way (hey, that’s a business model innovation)
  • you can’t win without IT and most importantly
  • focus on some real business problem – tackle it and proove the success

Well, that’s it so far, you may read on here, my past take on the pre-conference interview with Arne Schümann: “Changing organisations via Enterprise 2.0 – Festo“.

2 Responses to “Enterprise 2.0 forum – part 3”

  1. Sounds great but there is not only light but some shadow, too. Festo is the company of the famous “Ausbildungsblog”. This blog had to start undercover first and got real acceptance from senior management only after a while when it could prove that it attracted young people to the company…

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Well, you shouldn’t expect too much – treading cautiously is something that is normal when speaking in front of a mixed audience (with some people on laptops in there). So probably nothing to really frown upon …

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