Upcoming: Registration for BarCamp Berlin 3

Yes, the venue for the BarCamp Berlin 3 is secured and hence the opening of the registration is near, i.e. August 31th or September 1st …

This small Morse riddle contains where it’s going to be – but as it’s already solved I can easily say that the venue is the main Berlin office of Deutsche Telekom (Hauptstadtrepräsentanz”, i.e. Representative Office). More information and the starting signal for the rush to fill 300-500 places will be announced at the Barcamp Berlin 3 blog and via Twitter probably too. As usual, register with Mixxt for an account on the Barcamp Berlin 3 network and then enter yourself for the actual event days.

As last year, the BarCamp Berlin 3 is scheduled right before the Web 2.0 Expo Europe – I am thus looking forward to meet an international crowd that week.

So let’s talk about BarCamp and tag it right. Official tages are bcberlin3 and hashtag #bcberlin3.

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