Seeing the light of the future of work …

Luis now provides a nice, little video recorded at his German “See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox” tour, speaking of the benefits of innovative collaboration technologies and dropping corporate email, all in all a motivational show. I attended the Stuttgart event and blogged some observations about it then (“Enterprise 2.0 on z/OS“)

[…] covering the background of why I got started with this, what it has been like, the kind of implications I have been exposed to on a daily basis, what social software tools I use on a regular basis to escape e-mail, and, most importantly, how you yourself can get things going as well to re-purpose the way you process work related e-mails. In short, I cover all of the stuff I have written about over here, but perhaps a bit more from the perspective on how it is all down to changing one’s habits as far as sharing knowledge and collaboration is concerned

See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox from Luis Suarez on Vimeo.

And here’s the other video Luis did, called “The Future of Work“. I promised to blog about this earlier, but various things have slowed me down (sorry, Luis). Whatever, here it is

The Future of Work by Luis Suarez from Luis Suarez on Vimeo.

[…] the Future of Work and the kind of impact that Social Computing is having within the corporate world today to help drive further into the next level the way we collaborate, share our knowledge and innovate!

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