Intranet.days 2008 – Keynote by Martin White

First report from Intranet.days 2008 at Frankfurt: Martin White of Intranet Focus Ltd (blog is here) is doing the keynote, key points are
– enterprise 2.0 is here to stay – companies are in an experimenting mood now
– we need to integrate legacy applications & enterprise search must be considered
– he’s seeing plenty of opportunities for intranet managers that get it

Interesting point he makes: “Enterprise 2.0 technology without an Enterprise 2.0 culture will have a negative impact”. Hmm, I am not sure about that, to me culture is a journey not a destination, and I’ve seen discrete applications of E2.0 technologies without the culture being ready to all extent. Will try to get a word with him later on, and ask him about that …

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  1. stehsegler says:

    I was hugely disappointed by Mr Whites’ presentation. He is either a bad communicator or perhaps not very good at giving presentations but I would certainly say his keynote wasn’t one of the highlight of Intranet.days.

    I assume he is considered one of the more influential/ knowledgeable people in Intranet web 2.0 (otherwise why ask him to present the keynote). If so I can only come to the conclusion that Intranet consulting in general is still very much a niche market.

    If you look at Internet Evangelists the quality and number of people is mind blowing in comparison.

    Just my opinion…

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