Jeff Schick @ E20Summit

Now, last slot before lunchtime (and me meeting the guys from BlueKiwi, perhaps Bertrand ttoo?) Jeff Schick of IBM (Vice President, Social Computing Software, in the IBM Software Group) is up, speaking on the practical experiences with social software in the enterprise.

Looks back into the long past, argues for cave dwellers as early archetypes of collaborators, then only a little bit back: Usenet, whois, IRC and other early communication tools). Nodding smiles in the audience, oh the joys of nostalgia.

Interesting insights into IBMs practice

– wide spectrum of corporate blogs inside IBM (purposeful / semi-purposeful as he coins it)
– communication mashups (I would call it that way)

He argues that Enterprise 2.0 can be seen well from a very pragmatic point of view, that’s what IBM is doing. Yes, there are LOADS of bloggers inside, the reasons and rationales are diverse, but individual uses are OK.

Nice insights into the virtues of meandering around, doodling around in communities of interest. I would call this fishing for serendipity

Another cool thing, Emergence seems to be a big theme for IBM this CeBIT, I will add my snapshot later on, batteries are runnng low now.

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