E20Summit introduction: Simon Wardley

Just some short notes, blogged quickly without too much editing.

Simon starts off with the notion of commodisation, aka “yesterday’new stuff becomes tomorrow’s boring”.

Yes, this chain: new -> leading edge -> products -> common utility

He offers the example of electricity, which in the beginnings offered lots of entrepreneurial opportunities, exciting stuff, but then – and in quite a short time – became “standard”.

Next up : Schumpeter, creative destruction, i.e. new stuff is the driver of change

And yes, with regard to IT: In the past it created competitive advantage, today’s it’s just a commodity, it has no more potential for strategic differentiation. Yes, it became just the “cost of doing business” / we need this just to stay in the race.

Enterprise 2.0 is the new thing, but well, only for some time. Still, we need to explore the entailed opportunities, threats and tasks to do. And that’s on the slate today for Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT.

Simon then invites Dion to the stage, quick switch of Apple notebooks, I can post and go on to the next post.

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