Dion Hinchcliffe @ E20Summit

Now it’s the keynote by Dion Hinchcliffe, here are some notes, hopefully giving some insights …

– Central role of social media
– Principles of web 2.0, core rules and design patterns, referring to Tim O’Reilly’s definition.

Dion ventures shortly into the mantra of “Data is the Intel inside”

Next up is this one “big hairy scary diagram” Dion loves, “Visualizing Web 2.0”

Now going into underlying principles, like e.g. network effects.

– Going from Web 1.0 Era to the Web 2.0 Era is intertwined with increasing unpredictability, variety and volume. We’re moving from central production to peer production, where control shifts from institutions to “communities of individuals”. See the slide here.

So what makes out Enterprise 2.0 according to Dion:
– blogs
– wikis
– social networks

Enterprise 2.0 depends upon emergence, freeform collaboration, refers McAfee and points out SLATES / FLATNESSES.

Dion then delves into the ways to succeed with enterprise 2.0, starting off with the need for an enterprise 2.0 strategy. He also cites Euan’s conceptualization (and Euan is smiling, seen this closely, he’s sitting just there, only a few meters away).

Also included in the implementation consultants “box of concepts” are
– understand and use perpetual beta
– watch the empty quarter / acknowledge that there’s always 2% of troublemakers

Now coming to the end of the keynote, looking into the future:
– major vendors and their suit(e)s are coming, integrated offerings are in the making
– enterprise context will be added (security, quality control, governance, …)

Next up is Euan Semple, more in the next post.

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