21 days on wiki adoption cont.

I am at the BarCamp Jena/Mitteldeutschland and spent the whole day in sessions and mingling with the crowd. As the WiFi has been shaky I didn’t blog that much. But now as I am sitting in a cozy bistro with working Wifi and have some time on my hands I can post the next couple of Stewarts video series on wiki adoption:

Day 2: Wiki vs. Email:

The primary difference between a wiki and email for collaboration is in the mechanics of each. If you and I were using email and an attached text document to collaborate, a lot has to happen between when I edit the document and when you can. Not so with a wiki:

Day 3: Your Wiki Isn’t Necessarily Wikipedia

Wikipedia is different from organizational wiki sites both because of its primary use – encyclopedia – and the way its community is structured. These characteristics have made Wikipedia successful, but they aren’t necessarily the conditions for success for every wiki.

Day 4: Run a Pilot

The first major step in growing wiki use in your organization is to run a pilot. It lets you get wiki use started in a controlled environment, build use examples that are relevant to your organization, and develop a support structure to help keep things running smoothly.

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