enterprise2open blog and wiki alive, call for participants

Together with fellow blogger and BarCamper Frank Hamm I am currently putting together a one-day BarCamp-alike event at the upcoming CeBIT 2008.

This will be an open platform for sessions discussing the “Enterprise 2.0″ topic – a great opportunity to discuss, mingle and exchange best practices.

We want to encourage everybody who is interested in the area of Enterprise 2.0 to participate in this event at March 9th – closing day of CeBIT 2008. And we would like to know what sessions would be of interest for you, what you expect and what you propose – perhaps as your own session.

So we have set up a blog and a wiki, where information will be posted and where you may enlist yourself on the participant’s page. There’s also an entry at wevent.

See you soon in Hanover!

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