On selling meteors to dinosaurs …


I’ve had this kind of discussion recently as well.

Well, when dealing with resistance to change it’s not about pushing and shoving, because you will end up feeling frustrated in the end. Rather the key is: Don’t tell ’em, show ’em – show the dinosaurs the benefits, offer them advice, but accept if they aren’t willing to think through these opportunities now. But be prepared to return happily later on …

2 Responses to “On selling meteors to dinosaurs …”

  1. Andreas Gohr says:

    Hehe, I wonder what the benefit of a meteor would be for a dinosaur? “You’ll be a cool fossil being shown in a museum in 65 million years!” doesn’t sound too convincing ;-).

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Oh, Andi you know, this is all metaphorical … and tongue-in-cheek 😉

    Let me put it another way: selling hierarchies the instruments that will dissolve hierarchy is kind of hard.

    I have another cartoon by Hugh in mind that fits really nicely, watch the upcoming posts …

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