How to Uninstall Knowledge Management

Dr David Vaine of Apparently KM has been an instant hit when I introduced him to the audience at the Workshop on Knowledge Management Implementation in Bangkok. He’s hilarious (but the truths are bitter), so I am glad to present the next take: “Uninstall Knowledge Management” (Thank you Patrick Lambe and Green Chameleon!)

2 Responses to “How to Uninstall Knowledge Management”

  1. Armin says:

    Kennnst Du schon seinen Beitrag über Corporate Blogging? Vemutlich…
    Vorsorglich hier der Link. Großes Kino!

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Ja, am meisten Erfolg hatte ich aber mit dem ersten Teil der Serie von Patrick Lambe (“Professor Gervaise Germaine explains KM”) – my all time favourite:

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