Web 2.0 Works Better in the Enterprise …

… so why do we feel that there’s a shortage of innovative start-ups (or innovative incumbents for a change), Dan Farber’s got it right, this is no easy sell:

Anything social networking or bookmarking or tagging is not an easy sell in the enterprise, but these two companies are at least attempting to build some awareness and businesses based on the benefits of Web 2.0 applied to large company productivity.

In the meantime Ann All says it ain’t so, partly because some enterprising enterprise (no pun intended) software companies are starting off, e.g. by leveraging new ways of deployment:

Vendors are expanding their definition of innovation beyond new product features to encompass new and Web-enabled methods of development and delivery. They are also turning to their customers more than ever before, as a source of innovative ideas.

These are some interesting business model innovations, and they aren’t fully exploited yet. So if you’re interested in exploring this innovation space, you may be also interested in my BMID blog.

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