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  • – "Design the New Business." Spearheaded by designer/author/entrepreneur and TU Delft professor Erik Roscam Abbing, the doc is intended to demonstrate today's crucial interconnectedness of design and business by interviewing industry leaders from the likes of Philips Design, Intel, Volkswagen, Virgin Mobile, and many others.

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  • The Hard Science of Teamwork – Alex "Sandy" Pentland – Harvard Business Review – patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I'd say emergent phenomena galore)

    "People should feel empowered by the idea of a science of team building, The idea that we can transmute the guess work of putting a team together into a rigorous methodology, and then continuously improve teams is exciting. Nothing will be more powerful, I believe, in eventually changing how organizations work."

  • The Architecture of a Social Business : Enterprise Irregulars – Elements of a Social Business Architecture
    – Social Media Platforms
    – External Social Business Services
    – Service Delivery
    – Social Foundation
    – Systems of Engagement
    – Systems of Record

patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I’d say emergent phenomena…

patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I’d say emergent phenomena galore)

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great teams:

Communicate frequently. In a typical project team a dozen or so communication exchanges per working hour may turn out to be optimum; but more or less than that and team performance can decline.
Talk and listen in equal measure, equally among members. Lower performing teams have dominant members, teams within teams, and members who talk or listen but don’t do both.
Engage in frequent informal communication. The best teams spend about half their time communicating outside of formal meetings or as “asides” during team meetings, and increasing opportunities for informal communication tends to increase team performance.
Explore for ideas and information outside the group. The best teams periodically connect with many different outside sources and bring what they learn back to the team.”

powerful patterns of communication #ftw

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The Hard Science of Teamwork
Like many people, I’ve encountered teams that are “clicking.” I’ve experienced the “buzz” of a group that’s blazing away with new ideas in a way that makes it seem they can read each others’ minds. We…

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  • The essence of social business patterns – Business patterns of repeatable behaviour and consistent use of methodology or tools Technical patterns of business enablement through provision of platforms Integration patterns that exploit rampant connectivity, API and SDK model Agile patterns that embrace iteration and enable constant innovation Customer experience and UX patterns that redefine business models purely from the perspective of the customer/user Ecosystem patterns that both map and enable the complex systems of business without borders

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Die Analogie des Artikels trägt nicht (und auch ein Transponieren aus dem Uni-Alltag und den -Prozessen ins echte Unternehmensleben verbietet sich aus Myriaden Gründen …)

Ich verlinke das hier denn auch nur als schlechtes Beispiel für populäre Veröffentlichungen zu #e20 😉

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Soziale Netzwerke: Facebook vereinfacht Arbeitsabläufe
In Unternehmen nimmt die Bedeutung von sozialen Netzwerken zu. Schon bald werden sie normales Arbeitsmittel sein – für Kundenkontakt, Intranetersatz oder Alumninetzwerk.

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Well, I am blogging¹ this


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I always tell people that with social software in business we finally get the means to achieve what we wanted in KM since ages

(no piece of cake, still …)

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Is Social Business Just Knowledge Management 2.0?
Alan Hamilton asks if social business is just an iteration of Knowledge Management 2.0.

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