Automagic #ftw

OK, what did I say – I may add some “syndication automagic stuff from there to here” … and here’s this blog, there’s the Google+ page of frogpond, administrated by a proxy G+ user named Martin Koser – who incidentally has a private G+-profile as well.

I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to share some links (and short snappy remarks) from the GReader inbox of the Google Apps user mk<at> into here – and channel them via Google+ (not at least because it’s easier and modern than to write an individual blog post every time). I expect this to be a faster and more efficient way to blog curate relevant content, but I am not sure if it’s a cool way to go … (please, tell me if it’s cool or cold ; ‘)

Now, there should be no flooding the blog with half-baked links (I guess you get enough of that from Twitter, huh?) … but some worthwhile and relevant stuff found on the web, ideally with additional comments and additional information. That’s the beauty of Daniel Treadwell’s google+blog plugin, you get the Google+ comments into the blog as well. So I will add some people again in the next 24 hours – this time from the G+ frogpond page – in addition to an earlier circling I’ve probably done with the all private account.

This bit of redundancy is the price one pays for G+ being not yet able to merge accounts – but I guess I can live with that. If all works well some interesting discussions can be sparked – happening in G+, yes – but their shine will be reflected and collected in here as well.

(syndicated G+ posts get tagged with via_googleplus, so it’s easy to spot them. And there’s always a link to the Google+ source, too)


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