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OK, what did I say – I may add some “syndication automagic stuff from there to here” … and here’s this blog, there’s the Google+ page of frogpond, administrated by a proxy G+ user named Martin Koser – who incidentally has a private G+-profile as well.

I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to share some links (and short snappy remarks) from the GReader inbox of the Google Apps user mk<at> into here – and channel them via Google+ (not at least because it’s easier and modern than to write an individual blog post every time). I expect this to be a faster and more efficient way to blog curate relevant content, but I am not sure if it’s a cool way to go … (please, tell me if it’s cool or cold ; ‘)

Now, there should be no flooding the blog with half-baked links (I guess you get enough of that from Twitter, huh?) … but some worthwhile and relevant stuff found on the web, ideally with additional comments and additional information. That’s the beauty of Daniel Treadwell’s google+blog plugin, you get the Google+ comments into the blog as well. So I will add some people again in the next 24 hours – this time from the G+ frogpond page – in addition to an earlier circling I’ve probably done with the all private account.

This bit of redundancy is the price one pays for G+ being not yet able to merge accounts – but I guess I can live with that. If all works well some interesting discussions can be sparked – happening in G+, yes – but their shine will be reflected and collected in here as well.

(syndicated G+ posts get tagged with via_googleplus, so it’s easy to spot them. And there’s always a link to the Google+ source, too)


OK, this is basically a test post to see if the automagic syndication is done right…

OK, this is basically a test post to see if the automagic syndication is done right …

(this should show up in my blog as well)

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Skunkworks, Reorganization, And Other Tactics To Excel In The Digital Age | Fast Company
Outside of the technology sector, most of the large companies that I encounter are startlingly similar.

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Catching up on time …

[Pretty embarassing, but it’s the truth … and there’s learnings inside]

Imagine me, Monday morning, 10:30 am, pretty relaxed, next meeting in late afternoon (did I say I was relaxed?) … and so there’s my mobile ringing – I pick up the phone and a nice lady from Integrata offices Düsseldorf is asking if everything’s OK?

OK? Why, yes, I feel OK? Sure …

“And you’re on your way, are you?” she said “You’re booked for this wiki workshop today, there’s three people waiting for you …”

“No, it can’t be, it’s Tuesday and Wednesday, tomorrow we start”

“[…] people waiting […]”

So I check my Google apps calendar (that says Tuesday & Wednesday), then I check my emails (Monday & Tuesday, MONDAY & Tuesday …). Now you get the idea and the knack of the story. How to handle this situation, given that teleportation ain’t ready? Short discussion in various back offices and it’s decided to do the Tuesday workshop anyway, and try to put it all into one big day. Smart decision it turned out to be … learning opportunities en masse:

Some of my learnings:

– one can easily rearrange travel arrangements with Deutsche Bahn, it may cost you a bit, esp. the reservation fare is lost but you get back most of your money

– you can’t travel one day in advance with the prepaid ticket, it says “Valid starting date onward for one month” – in my case starting date was Tuesday, obviously.

– Hotel rearrangements are mostly easy, but better done online, not over the phone. Especially when and because your hotel office clerk may not speak German perfectly.

– bringing flowers for the nice ladies at the Integrata offices helps a bit when showing up a day late (and I caused them some confusion, worries and intensive activity for sure)

and not to forget

– double check everything on Sunday evening (checking the calendar is NOT enough)

– I can manage to do a two-day introductory wiki workshop in one extended day, given some prerequisites are given (1. few, smart and nice learners, 2. smallish breaks in between, 3. a nice little group that discusses what is necessary / holds value and greps the basic stuff very fast and 4. a nice little group of smart and nice people that are willing to pull through with you). In the end we succeeded with the day but it’s strenuous – the normal two-day setup is much easier on everybodys nerves.

– offering beer to the eager learners after the intensive day of learning and discussion is an obligation (and it’s a pleasure, too – see points 1. and 4. above)

Oh, and one last thing – by means of my sloppiness fate I’ve won a free day of web surfing, reading up on industry trends, wiki updating, email list geekery, system backups, wiki gardening, and at least some blogging.

(I have been too quiet in here due to a variety of work and other reasons, spending my time mostly on the + side of the webs – I won’t promise anything, but I may do some syndication automagic stuff from there to here. Let’s see how this will work out)

(Sh*t happens, they say. True story. First time it happened to me that severely in – let me see – close to six years of professional consulting and geeking)

(Oh and please, somebody spot the irony that my free day is on February 29th)

¹ Photo by mararie on Flickr