Hacking learnings

In the spirit of sharing and to get into the mood for the big knowledge-work-and-workflow post (later, later)  I thought it’s probaly cool to jot down some of the things I learned and hacked last week. Obviously these weren’t day-time-things but night-time-instead-of-watching-television projects. Let’s see:

– got a new Arduino Uno board and resurfaced soldering iron, LEDs, transistors, capacitors and a lot more hardware. You know I’m an electrical engineer by training (this gets lost sometimes by the added shields of business administration fluff etm.) Big fun and I’m seeing a robotics project coming up.
– designed and set-up a Contao Website. Contao, formerly known as TypoLight is a light-weight PHP/MySql/Apache OpenSource content management system and a likely addition to my toolbox, probably replacing systems like Mambo, Joomla and Typo3, yes.  My Drupal hacks and OpenAtrium prototypes are safe, don’t worry.
– set up two home servers on the Dockstar platform, running Debian Squeeze and  providing printing and NFS services to my local network. DynDNS is set up for the first machine (sic!) named zwergle, the other one gnomle will stay behind the firewall. These names are only part-joking, given that the machines are booting from USB sticks and consuming less than 5 Watt.
– downloaded tons of scientific papers during the last days of the SAGE free journals program – honestly I don’t know when to read skim them. It’s probably an idea to make some sort of blogging project out of it?

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