Useless artificial divisions

I’m increasingly of the belief that trying to split social media into ‘internal’ and ‘external’ uses is a totally pointless waste of time. Equally I hear people talking about B2B and B2C social media case studies as if they are somehow different, but they really aren’t. These are shallow, superficial divisions that have no basis in reality.

Social media is about people forming relationships with each other. The tools they use are irrelevant. The context is irrelevant. This is about people, whether they are colleagues, customers, clients or vendors. It’s not the what, it’s the who.

Yes, the dichotomy between Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media is a wrong one, Moreover I would even argue that it a) needs to start inside and b) being actibely engaging in social media outside is just the flipside of being actively engaging in inhouse (social media) conversation and collaboration.

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