The social Web in 2010

Dion nails some of the (pressing) problems we face with “social web in 2010” – and it informs us as well “in the enterprise”, if only because it’s related with the common response “No, we don’t have time for engaging in this”.

To me it’s a mix of perceived information overload, filter failure, acquired incompetencies and the overwhelming complexities of choosing from a plethora of singular channels competing for attention (when some of them are trying to lock their users in) that is making it hard – to “coherently [engage] in social activity”, to separate the wheat from the chuff, to know whom to “go to and ask” etc.

Dion presents an overview of the things in the making – from PubSubHubBub to OpenID, so check them out for an overview on what will hopefully ease the pains of “enterprise knowledge workers” in the future, err 2010 and on (Open activity streams; Portable identity, contacts, and data; Better social and location capabilities added to the core of mobile devices; Better distributed models for the social Web).

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