Enterprise 2.0 is changing the way we work …

… and that’s why I wish Andrew McAfee’s book “Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for your Organization’s Toughest Challenges”, all the best. Everyday corporate life can do with a change for the better …

And while it’s not about the tools, the right tools can help us “find [the] pockets of energy, highlight them, discuss them, [and] show the good stuff that emerges”. That’s what he’s telling us in this interview with McKinsey’s Roger Roberts (find the transcript of the interview at the McK Quarterly site, you may need to register there for free):

That said I feel a bit adventurous – and keen on experiments. Let’s try something: a live reading (and reviewing) of Andrew’s book tonight at 8pm CET, right here in this blog. I will add a scribblelive widget into a new post where I will collect and review my snippets and observations throughout the reading tonight. The best thing is that you can comment and participate in the reading, making it a collaborative experience. This might be done as well on Twitter, but it’s easier to aggregate all the good stuff that may emerge this way. Interesting experiment, huh?

ps. two disclosures, one – I have already read the bigger part of the book by now (you want the host to be prepared don’t you?), and two – it was given to me by Andrew’s agent at HBS Publishing knowing that I’m a blogger and would probably write about it.

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