Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0

This is a graphically excellent presentation by Oscar Berg, yet I am not sure if I follow through on all points. Now, I may come across as overall pessimistic in my very own field, yet after another intensive workshop in corporate-reality-land (yesterday, and I won’t tell where it was, it was great, yes, thanks) this kind of fluffy feel-good presentation doesn’t impress me anymore. And no, it won’t impress corporate type of guys either.

Let’s see, just to point at one thing- the costs of organizing have all but collapsed (he’s pushing this on slides 19 ff. but I think he fails when telling us why) … I would even say that while the costs of communication have decreased really significantly, the costs of coordination have only shuffled (replacing top-down control by freeform self-organization doesn’t mean this is more efficient from the start) and the leadership investment (guiding, motivation, explaining etc.) needs to be substantial.

But hey, you ask what should we do when we want to get real? I think we best start with explaining what “enhancing collaborative performance” entails, including sound economic reasoning, real-company use cases and success stories. And we should leave the revolutionary zest aside, I can tell you it won’t help in any corporate meeting room.

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