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Ready or Not, Here Comes Enterprise 2.0

As people embrace social media in their private lives, they naturally expect to use similar tools within the enterprise. This is especially true for younger workers who use these tools in everyday life. Open communication, collaboration, and content generation are as much a part of their standard toolkit as using a computer or mobile phone. So, how should companies deal with the increasing expectation that Web 2.0 will drive Enterprise 2.0?

* Taking the slow road means that companies will risk losing workers who expect innovation in the outside world to reflect directly on how they communicate at work.
* Going for quick adoption means that companies must find ways to overcome the risks to corporate culture that adopting these tools can entail.

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Jakob Nielsen on the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 – yes, things take time and 3-5 years is a sensible timeline for anything related to changing organizations.

In light of my mischiefous take on the tools landscape, I must concede that realistically it’s more like this:

It’s Not Just About Tools, But Tools Do Matter

[…] in truth, social software isn’t really about the tools. It’s about what the tools let users do and the business problems the tools address.

This is what we call the emergence of use, ie. grass-roots and self-organized and self-selected usage of social web instruments – and it’s helping adoption … so let users participate in actual “software usage and selection”

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