Telligent Releases an Integrated Suite of Collaboration Tools with High Powered Metrics

Bill Ives writes about the announced offering by Telligent – stressing their market insights (integrators and integration needed) and subsequent focussing with their suite:

I have written a bit on the potential for new information silos within enterprise 2.0. Telligent recognizes this. Rob Howard said, “Telligent’s strategy is to provide a platform where social computing, enterprise technology and traditional communication come together to break down information silos and enhance measurability both inside and outside the organization.”  We discussed how tools should be independent of information and that Telligent does not attempt to replace tools such as email but allows you to work with them better in an integrated manner. You can drag and drop content from sources like YouTube into Telligent and add widgets from tools like Twitter in the same manner.

As Tom Davenport recently wrote you need both old school and new school capabilities (see Mixing Old and New School Communication). Tom referred to this as 1.5 with a sense of humor and said it is greater than 2.0. Tom wrote that asking which is better Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 is actually a false dichotomy. They complement each other.  I would agree. Enterprise 2.0 brings a new dimension but it does not replace many traditional enterprise apps anymore than TV replaced the radio or the telephone replaced in person conversation. Telligent has correctly recognized this and designed for integration. 

From the perspective of “collaborative performance” the extensive measurement tools and approaches they push are very interesting – we all know there’s a need for metrics (Telligent promises “buzz metrics” too, and while I doubt that they can really measure the informal buzz, it’s 1. a nice approach and 2. a unique selöling proposition for this suite).

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