Harnessing Networks to Create Value and Identify New Opportunities

So they are moving now into an open architecture and creating a social network of their employees in other divisions, customers, and developers to join and basically understand the platform and start developing products and services on the platform. So I think companies should engage in these experiments. And assuming the experiments, hopefully, will work, they will learn from this and be able then to move and expand [the process] further into the firm.

Mike Gotta links to an interview with the authors of The Network Challenge: Strategy, Profit and Risk in an Interlinked World (Wharton School Publishing), Kleindorfer, Wind and Gunther and highlights a passage.

Seems this could be an interesting collection of essais, at least it’s interesting enough for me (yay, a paper with Colin Crook examining network affects against a background of complexity theory) – and it sounds a bit Enterprise 2.0 too (internal and external collaboration platforms to leverage the benefits of networking et al.)

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