Enterprise 2.0 – Join the bandwagon (and the rollercoaster …)

These are the slides I used yesterday at a workshop talk at T-Systems SI in Stuttgart. I got invited to talk about the potentials of Web 2.0 for corporate uses, Enterprise 2.0 and implementation. Turned out to be a great event with +30 people listening and discussing vividly – thanks.

Well, when I initially met with T-System SI’s Franz Binder and Marcus Dreher for arranging the get-together I promised (or threatened them …) a helter-skelter ride through the field. Now, after some fiddling it turned out to be both an invitation to join the bandwagon (and T-Systems they are, I wish the team all the best with QBase) and a half-joking warning about ill-fated past knowledge management efforts and some related implementation tasks (and pitfalls) to understand if one wants to enjoy the ride.

Slides can be downloaded at slideshare, or embedded like here:

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  2. Martin, echoing kbex “nice models, overviews and summaries “. What I can’t tell from the slides and interests me is where do you land on “Enterprise 2.0: Bandwagon or Rollercoaster?” or is it both perhaps?

  3. Martin Koser says:

    Jenny, I am refraining from employing the bandwagon metaphor too much – it sounds too much like “follow the fad of the day” – so I prefer the rollercoaster image.

    Indeed at the very first meeting I tried to argue along the lines of “web 2.0 freak show”, but it turned out way too scary in the end.

    So the helter-skelter ride is my metaphor today, read “Enterprise 2.0 is no ripe and boring place to be in, rather we’re going to see bends and quirkyness, but those that can stand the wild ride willl experience some fun”.

    Fun in enterprisey-terms is of course something like “reap the benefits by experimenting and learning quickly” and then kick your competitors b*** 😉

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