Upcoming: Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Milano


Emanuele has informed me that the second International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 is set up and registration is open now. It’s no longer in Varese like last year, but rather in central Milano which makes it a lot easier to get there. Booked my flight already and you can catch up with me there for sure (June 3rd, I will arrive early on 2nd), plus you get

  • A place full of people who like you are learning how to reap the benefits of the new paradigm of business
  • An incredible number of success stories and discussions about what worked and what didn’t work in real international projects
  • Thought leaders, renowned speakers and managers willing to share their experiences from every part of the world

Definitely looking forward to meet some people again like David or Emanuele, but also to meet people from the italian Enterprise 2.0 scene. And I am not yet speaking of the chance to meet up with George Siemens, edublogger extraordinaire and e-learning guru.

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