Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT

Today some of the first marketing materials for the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in October were delivered. Click through on the image to see the announcement in full size. Please notice that there’s both an early bird conference pass available until end of March, and that some key aspects of the event get outlined (technical, cultural and organizational¬†aspects of Enterprise 2.0, and we’ll hear and discuss best practices and experiences, meet vendors, check-out innovations and overall discuss the future of Enterprise 2.0):


As always, my disclosure here and there.

2 Responses to “Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT”

  1. Bjoern says:

    I did not even know Thomas had launched the advertising yet – what’s the source? Bjoern

  2. Martin Koser says:

    I grabbed the image from a pre-print pdf Thomas’ sent me for proof-reading and -checking. Yet, I don’t know if the ad is published already.

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