WikiFest – Practice what you preach

Stewart shares another two of the WikiFest presentations, one by Martin Seibert (confessing Wiki-Bully, he is), the other one by Camille Goksever of Chevron. While the latter one is hurt by the missing audio track (though I like the pictures and the conveyed ideas) Martin Seibert’s presentation is much more of a learning experience:

Granted, the wiki reports meme is stemming from a TWiki focus, but the second main idea of having showcases for your clients is resonating with me. I am doing something similar when I give prospective and actual clients access to a secured project wiki of mine. Thus they can try and learn while doing project coordination with me. Reduces the amount of email within the project team and supports effective work practices, while building deeper understanding of the issues at hand (adoption, motivation, need for coaching and “help”, …)

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