On the list of knowledge management blogs

There’s a list of knowledge management blogs prepared by Pumacy Technologies AG based upon an explorative study. They have been analysing KM blogs by comparing figures from August 2008 (amount of postings, amount of comments, Google and Alexa ranking). And while this blog wasn’t included from the start, they reacted quickly on my mail so I’m included now.

Well, I guess a disclosure is needed: I mailed them partly out of professional vanity but also because I was glad to find some people on the list that I didn’t knew before. A list like this serves a purpose of giving traction to people that you wouldn’t find otherwise. So I am thankful that Pumacy provides a basic overview of the scattered KM blogging landscape, i.e. all the people writing about various aspects of KM, even when the methodology of the study could be questioned. And yes, they’re vendors and thus got clear (and reasonable) motives to demonstrate that the KM space is up and running, but still I can’t find this too bad.

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