Lee Bryant interview

At Invisible I found this interview Jens-Christian did with Lee Bryant of Headshift (mp3, 32MB). They

[…] talk about Web 2.0, how social tools can be adopted by the enterprises, what changes might be coming, what the various obstacles are, what role collaboration tools like twitter have and how they can evolve to support enterprise collaboration

Lee is a guy worth listening to, see this post on my selection of Web 2.0 Expo speakers (“Web 2 Expo Europe – checking out the speakers“), and this interview doesn’t really fit the “mold of outright pitching of Headshift”.

BTW, and stretching my full disclosure to the limit: If you want to go to the Expo in Berlin but are afraid of the price tag – with this shareable code (“webeu08gr17“) you will be entitled to a 35% discount.

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008

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