session at BarCampBerlin3

BarCamp Berlin 3

First round of sessions at BarCamp sunday, I’m in the session with Ralf from Will see if there’s something new, esp. given that I’ve been to another intro session with Markus Heurung lately at the BarCamp Stuttgart.

Basic notion and one good answer on “Why microblogging?” – well, yes, it’s more dynamic, more social, it’s providing a room for ambient intimacy.

So far let’s start with some notes:

– open source project
– big four: Jaiku, Pownce, Twitter, Plurk
– 5 mio microblogging users now
– bleeper is a implementation which also supports OpenId
– the big four are basically closed systems, you can’t switch easily between services and it’s hard to communicate with users on other services than your own. And yes, history repeats itself # # #)
– data portability is an issue, yes, it’s not only about my connections, i.e. friends and followers, it’s more or less about all the content I’ve entered (see, as of today I’ve done +2000 updates …)

Enter – Open Source Microblogging (and enter – “mother of all installations”

– Apache/PHP5/MySQL
– Affero GPL (AGPL)
Open Microblogging Protocol for federation (cross server spreading is both distributing the load and the “dependency”)
– OpenID
– Creative Commons Licensing for the updates
– there’s new functionalities coming up, like you will be able to transfer your complete “package” to other services, there will be a Facebook connection, an OpenSocial interoperability and multimedia (Pownce-like) goodness, …

Now some interesting experiences Bleeper had with
– “the dark past of installations – 0.4 ish nightmares” – today it’s much better, the aim of is easy installation, kind of WordPress-easyness)

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