How to get people actually to use it …

Yesterday Björn put up the edited view of Suw Charman-Anderson‘s keynote at the Enterprise 2.0 FORUM at Cologne. I blogged a lot about it then, but since I haven’t got much time on my hands. So I am glad that he stepped in and set up the recorded video footage. Suw was talking about adoption strategies for social software in the enterprise, proceeding from the idea that people are basically reluctant to change behaviours. Well, “training cats” is hard, yet we need more than just a rewarding system, even when this is a good start. Björn sums up the talk with these points:

  • the importance of identifying the problem on the day-to-day work of the individual that can be solved by social software
  • the user-centric adoption as bottom-up approach that has more potential to be successful than the top-down approach
  • the need of a leadership by engagements […]
  • for the implementation of social software projects she proposes a “trojan mice” aproach in the means of small projects introduced into the ongoing organisation (to grow securely)

Furthermore, when I live-blogged her talk I also noted these adoption points and life-hacks

  • provide the pilot group with gripping stories, let them become evangelists (”each user can become a trainer”, yes, we’ve reached a lot if we’re at this point )
  • […]
  • Enterprise 2.0 change management needs to be in for the long haul, this is a long term engagement thing

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