Speed Geeking a WikiWednesday?

It’s Wednesday again which means that we’re up for another meeting with fellow wiki and Enterprise 2.0 enthusiasts at the MFG Innovation Agency for Baden-Württemberg.


This time’s activities and plans are freeform – which means that we can try out various styles and ideas. Still, I’ve got something on the slate, namely I might give a little presentation I did lately at the Intranetforum in Frankfurt and I might recap some learnings and experiences from reboot and the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 in Varese.

But I would really appreciate it if we can get a more crowdsourced approach – i.e. if you want to present something, please feel free to share them.

And – bingo!- this morning I chatted with Joachim Niemeier and he turned me onto an alternative style and method of meeting: Speed Geeking. Funny name, indeed and probably an interesting approach to crunch more out of a wiki wednesday?

Let’s try something? We’ll speed geek on Enterprise 2.0 ideas, like e.g.:

  • Show us a tool that you’ve found lately – what are the benefits, what makes it so special that you’ve added it to your mode of work. And show us alternatives too, i.e. what may work as well …
  • Tell us some of your experiences lately, about stuff you created, about people you’ve met …
  • Tell us about recent learnings, ideas you’ve encountered, …

PS. Vor dem WikiWednesday findet ein Orgameeting zum geplanten BarCamp Stuttgart (26.09.08 – 28.09.08) statt, ab 17:00 im Vinum:

2 Responses to “Speed Geeking a WikiWednesday?”

  1. oliverg says:

    Sounds a LIttle LIke ‘Webmontag’ right? Or LIke the ‘Geektogether’-Format.

  2. Martin Koser says:

    Yes, but Speed Geeking is putting a little more emphasis on the speed part, asking that everyone stays under 5 minutes.

    As I have to admit that I didn’t knew http://www.geektogether.org/ I see that this is similar – well, whatever may be used for facilitating collaborative discussion is welcome …

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