More coverage of the Enterprise 2.0 conference at Boston …

Stephen Collins reports on Dion Hinchcliffe’s seminar on “Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change” (the state of Enterprise 2.0, the tools and platforms scene, best practices and Cutting-Edge Techniques and success stories). Most disturbing thing in my view is this one:

An interesting point is while SMBs are proving slow to adopt, large organisation are buying tools today.

Some more notes

Tools that provide high leverage value in E2.0 adoptions are key, as is efficient and effective enterprise search. The gulf between good search on the web and good search inside the wall is significant.

In the comments James Dellow notes that RSS is missing, yes I agree, RSS provides a good investment / benefit ratio (well, after people understand it, we need more explaining, showing and telling).

Obviously, Dion also talked about the importance of understanding Andrew McAfee’s thinking on Enterprise 2.0 (start with the SLATES acronym, full ack Stephen, that “Dion continues to use this set of definitions indicates their ongoing importance.”).  Stephen notes:

At it’s core, the notion of applying the “Web 2.0 effect” at work is critical:

  • globally visible (which is not everything, but everything appropriate), persistent collaboration
  • use of the tools of the Web 2.0 world
  • putting workers into the centre of the contributory world

And for some more interesting coverage see the stuff aggregated at the conference site. Like e.g. that Thomas Vanderwal talked about how to manage the flood of information via social bookmarking and advanced forms of tagging (slides found via John Eckman), btw – good writeup by Stephen:

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