Enterprise 2.0 – conferences and more

Read some summaries of last weeks Enterprise 2.0 conference, seems to have been a worthwhile event (picture below via Ondemandbeat), drag queens and all. Regardless of all fruitless buzzword discussions I’ve seen lately it showed again that social software in the enterprise can help in reinventing the way companies do business. Successful companies will be those that can quickly adapt and embrace to the changes – not only changing technologies.

Euan prooved a sense for just perfect timing with this post: “Most companies who try to do Enterprise 2.0 will fail“, while Sharepoint got whipped in realtime on Twitter (anyway, I am trying to invite a representative of the MOSS team for the next Stuttgart Wiki Wednesday – we’ll have our very own first hand experience then).

And while following up Bertrand Duperrin (read his post for a tale of organizational pathologies told by the CIA) and Stewart Mader (“Why Does the CIA Keep Top Secret Intelligence in a Wiki?“) I searched and found these two videos of the guys involved in the CIA’s Intellipedia effort (read Enterprise 2.0: CIA’s Secret Intellipedia Has Universal Relevance found via Oscar Berg), first see their presentation video at E2.0 and then the interview (via David Spark):

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