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Klaus Eck interviews CoreMedia’s Sören Stamer (german language) on what is his definition of Enterprise 2.0, and how it gets “on the road” at CoreMedia, i.e. agility, organizational culture and more:

Als vereinfachende Formel könnte man sagen: Enterprise 2.0 = Web 2.0 in the Enterprise + Privacy + Relevance

Sören himself has an interesting post here, pointing towards Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware by Douglas Engelbart:

[who] makes a strong case for Enterprise 2.0 long before this term was coined. Especially his framework for improving the improvement process is eye-opening. Inventing hypertext to share information easily was definitely a great C activity. And I guess the same is true for Wikis, Blogs and Micro-Blogs.

When he describes the interdependencies between the human system and the tool system, Douglas Engelbart captures the whole challenge of transforming a conventional Enterprise into an Enterprise 2.0. Without changing our paradigms, organizations, procedures, language and attitudes we won’t see the benefits of new tools.

We’re not alone in this, Vineet Nayar, CEO of India-based information technology services HCL Technologies explains why he believes that in the future, democratic companies will outperform the command-and-control dictatorships that have persisted since the industrial revolution, his learnings include:

– Let go of command and control. In business, as in nations, dictatorship is out. Democracy is in.
– Business leaders must be open to criticism, just as elected officials are.
– Customers don’t come first, employees do, because employees are the product that your customers are buying.
– Democracy and feedback allow employees and managers to gravitate toward their strengths.

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