Four key design qualities that are essential for Enterprise 2.0 success

… according to the Burton Group, who hold that

the growing business focus on innovation and growth, coupled with nontraditional workplace expectations from next-generation employees, are forcing organizations to look at Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) as more than a catchphrase

Mike Gotta is cited, like here:

Business strategists are rethinking the fundamentals of work – how work gets done – how work should be organized – the culture necessary to catalyze innovation – and the workplace environment necessary to attract and retain the best talent. These trends are transforming past assumptions about how to approach collaboration and knowledge management efforts

Check out their report (“Enterprise 2.0: Harnessing the Complexity of Technology, Culture, and Change“, free registration may be necessary) for more insight into the four design qualities (Personal Value, Emergent, Communal, Platform Centric). While I don’t like the trend towards neologisms in consultanese, Mike Gotta seems to be spot on …

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  1. […] like the goal of his work and am absolutely sympathetic (hmm, wikibility, yes, a neologism but I dig it) – but I am also a bit cautious. “Measuring” organizational culture and designing a […]

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