No evangelists needed …

Via Preoccupations, this quote from Headshift:

I am sure organisations will eventually be able to create, within their online spaces, the sort of interaction, collaboration and sharing that takes place in the “wild world” of the Internet. Until then, we just have to help them make the most of the tools they have (or get) and provide them ideas on how to, slowly, start rethinking their internal processes, culture and view of the world.

Couldn’t express it better. When arguing for enterprise 2.0 adoption no evangelism is needed, one should rather focus on coaching, facilitating and education. When people just love their established systems, this is more apt than calling for revolutions of any kind.

So keep your cool, while Enterprise 2.0 is still in many ways an early adopter game, adoption is uptaking and we’ll see more demand as the first adopters report their (positive) experiences.

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