Web 2.0 Goes Corporate

Web 2.0 Goes Corporate is an article full with good cases of how Web 2.0 technologies are making inroads into corporate IT. Coverage like this is good, as it will further fuel experiments in adoption …

While concerns and limits are present, like e.g. …

[…] about security, governance, IT support and integration of Web 2.0 applications with existing systems. And the very nature of Web 2.0 — distributed and egalitarian — makes some managers nervous. “Web 2.0 is decentralized,” explains Schmelzer. “There’s no centralized authority to mandate or control.”


Despite the benefits of Web 2.0 tools, smart corporate users realize that they can’t effectively replace face-to-face and phone contact between people. […] managers have so far decided against them, reasoning that Web 2.0 tools might actually impede good communication with customers.

… the overalll take is positive (and not only because it argues that the Big Boys are also entering the enterprise 2.0 space). So it’s small wonder that it ends upbeat:

Whatever you ultimately decide, the time to start considering Web 2.0 is now. “We’re at the stage where it’s so easy to experiment that it’s almost a liability,”

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